WSB AgendA

Our corporate agenda is a document that details the line up of topics (How to Increase liquor Sales) and discussion points (How to protect of threat of the Credit line) in a meeting. WSB’s agenda is the Indian alcohol market is hot at the moment - it produces the largest revenue of the alcoholic drinks market around the world. The pace of the Indian market for wine, beer and spirits is increasing rapidly. The market value of alcoholic drinks in the India is estimated to reach 6.5 billion liters by 2020 from about 5.4 billion liters last some years. Typically WSB Agenda includes the reading of past liquor market strategy of (UTTAR PARDESH), and a point-by-point breakdown of subject matter, and the designation of “point people” to address each topic. Our event may be directed by a moderator or a meeting participant (like Distributor, Associates) and for practical time management purposes, our agenda often allocates a set amount of time to each area of discussion.

Old Business

Old business typically addresses issues that have been brought up in past meetings and left unresolved. If our issue is “tabled” during a meeting, it often means there is a stalemate in how to proceed, or additional research is being conducted. Tabled items are typically brought up under old business this is also the portion of our agenda that prompts follow-up on ongoing topics and issues of importance that are in a continual state of flux.

New Business

New business, as the WSB implies, includes the announcement of new programs, strategies, approaches, or corporate changes. This can include the introduction of new ideas for debate and discussion, important announcements, introductions of new staff members, or an announcement of the intention to proceed in a new direction.

Forecast Business

Project updates allow our team leaders to provide colleagues with reports that detail the status of various corporate strategies. This allows everyone to be kept “in the loop” about how projects are progressing. Our Project updates typically include a description of where the project stands, what the next anticipated move is, whether deadlines are being met and timelines and budget projections are on track. A distributor needs to keep open doors for strong communication if he wants his brand supplier to grow. Talking to the supplier and letting him know about the trends that are going on with its customers is necessary -especially if you don’t see much growth. You may discover that you need to motivateyour suppliers to make their products more appealing to buyers if something is not working out. They can do that by implementing a marketing strategy or offering rebates that promote the product and bring customers to the stores.