WSB AgendA

Our corporateagendaisa document that details thelineup of topics (How to IncreaseliquorSales)and discussion points (How to protect of threat of theCredit line) in a meeting. WSB’sagendais theIndian alcohol market is hotat the moment - it produces thelargest revenue of the alcoholic drinks marketaround the world. The pace of theIndian market for wine, beer,and spirits is increasing rapidly. The market value of alcoholic drinks in theIndiaisestimated to reach 6.5 billion liters by 2020 from about 5.4 billion liters last someyears. typically WSB Agendaincludes thereading of past liquor market strategy of (UTTARPARDESH),and a point-by-point breakdown of subject matter, and the designation of “point people” to addresseach topic. Ourevent may be directed bya moderator ora meeting participant (like, Distributor,Associates)and for practical time management purposes, ouragenda often allocatesasetamount of timeto each area of discussion.

Old Business

Old business typicallyaddresses issues that have been brought up in past meetingsand left unresolved. If our issueis “tabled” duringa meeting, it often means thereisastalematein how to proceed, oradditional research is being conducted. Tabled itemsaretypically brought up under old business This isalso the portion of ouragendathat prompts follow-up on ongoing topicsand issues of importancethatarein acontinual state of flux.

New Business

New business, as the WSB implies, includes the announcement of new programs, strategies, approaches, or corporate changes. This can include the introduction of new ideas for debate and discussion, important announcements, introductions of new staff members, or an announcement of the intention to proceed in a new direction.

Forecast Business

Project updatesallow our team leaders to providecolleagues with reports that detail thestatus of various corporatestrategies . Thisallowseveryoneto bekept “in theloop”about how projectsare progressing. Our Project updates typically includea description of wherethe project stands, what the nextanticipated move is, whether deadlinesare being metand timelinesand budget projectionsare on track.A distributor needs to keep open doors for strong communication if he wants his brand supplier to grow. Talking to thesupplierand letting him know about thetrends thataregoing on with its customers is necessary -especially if you don’t see much growth. You may discover that you need to motivateyour suppliers to maketheir products moreappealing to buyers if something is not working out.They can do that by implementinga marketing strategy or offering rebates that promotethe productand bring customers to thestores.